Anyone ever looked into Mimecast (MIME)?

It’s a UK-based cybersecurity company specializing in email.I’ll just bullet point some observations.

-Revenue accelerated last quarter to 42% from 40% in the previous quarter. Revenues were 63 million for Q2.

-Gross margins increased 200 bps as well.

-Free cash flow positive and very close to breaking even on the net income side.

-Founder led company.

-Revenue retention rate was 111% which is much lower than AYX.

-Recurring revenue is 99% of the total which is awesome.

-I don’t know much about cybersecurity. It seems like a very fragmented sub-industry. Is it a good thing MIME is focused on email?

-How many other players are fighting over this space, how is this different from Varonis that was brought up earlier?

-Why is the long term target for gross margins only 75% if this is truly SaaS?

I hadn’t heard of this one before today. Seems interesting.



Anyone ever looked into Mimecast (MIME)? It’s a UK-based cybersecurity company specializing in email. I’ll just bullet point some observations.

Thanks Fish, sounds interesting. I’ll be looking forward to hear more about it: for example, if it’s 99% recurring revenue, why are gross margins well under 75%, etc. Intuitively that doesn’t sound right to a tech-naive person like me.




My company recently added Mimecast to our email system (Microsoft Outlook). It sequesters potential junkmail and such.



Just a wild guess. The cost of acquisition may be fixed, but cost to deliver is variable. For every action you take there will be a reaction.

Just to show how hard it can be. AT&T has a system for blocking robo calls. It uses big data from the AT&T network to profile numbers with outgoing calls, call time and numbers that are blocked. It is a sophisticated system based on inside access to massive amounts of data inside access to the telecommunications system put together with technologist with many many years of experience.

My personal cell phone and my AT&T company cell phone each received an illegal autodialed phone call today. The struggle is ongoing and takes innovation daily.



I put MIME in my CAPS on the 12th of December and it is 19% up as of Friday’s close. It was mentioned on one of the boards I follow. What research I did do was thru Scottrade’s analyst ratings and reports section, no in dept study. When you look at the 13/50 EMA chart the lines didn’t cross until the first week of 2018, so not sure why I jumped the gun on this one, had to be something I read. I am keeping a eye on them.