Minor Zoom (and TDOC) point

I just don’t like unethical companies. This kind of bothered me:


“First, Zoom copied its HIPAA faq’s almost directly from VSee’s old HIPAA page. Second, it hasn’t bothered to keep up with discussions of the HIPAA rules since then. This leads to the problem that unlike VSee and Vidyo, Zoom does not sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA) required for HIPAA compliancy.” [more at link]

Tiny minor point in the grand scheme of things, I suppose, a company growing growing growing can’t be bothered with actually reading HIPAA regulations, much less following them or writing their own FAQs, just thought it was worth pointing out Zoom can’t be all things to all people…

(The related TDOC point is, with VSEE (or even ZOOM etc.), there is certainly a reasonable middle ground, between trusting your health to an unknown doctor online, vs seeing your own doctor online…)



That blog by who is it? VSee? seems a little ridiculous. HIPAA law is fairly common and the terms and conditions largely boiler plate. Pretty lame argument to say that somebody just copied yours.

To be quite honest I have no idea what this VSee is even complaining about here.

The evidence for Zoom shows a highly respected company by its employees and customers. In fact the highest. Unethical is not in the equation with Zoom.



Just what I’ve seen out of Yuan already in a short amount of time I can see why he’s rated #1 CEO. He seems very forthright and honest. Not s pump and dump stock salesman.

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This is outright silly. Unless Zoom is recording these conversations, or has some sort of ability to be hacked and have someone jump in on the conversation and not actually be noticed in the chat, than this is a silly issue. That, and it shouldnt necessarily be on Zoom so much as those that attended / hosted the meeting.

Next, historically, companies that are worried about their competition and pick on their competitors typically have an inferior product, or are about to be overtaken by the competition. Amazon didnt pick on walmart, Netflix didnt trash Disney, etc.

I’d be more concerned about TDOC and their CFO than their video streams:

a Dec. 5 report from Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (SIRF) about how Teladoc handled an alleged affair between Hirschhorn and an employee of the company

TDOC down about 10% since the news, Nasdaq up 14%


I completely agree, worse than silly. Obamacare has made at least my doctor’s life hell - so much paperwork. And these ridiculous HIPPA requirements restrict what they can say etc in emails, etc. Still, for a company to claim to abide by Hippa rules and not to would tend to reinforce my own anecdotal evidence that my doctor would only use VSEE to talk to me.