Miscarriage abuse of a corpse

Ohio is considering whether to indict a woman who miscarried at home and disposed of the nonviable fetus. The current cause for restricting abortion has left the plane of reality into some new world. The woman went to the hospital two days before the miscarriage suffering from sepsis & bleeding. The fetuswas diagnosed as “nonn-viable”, ahhh dead? Now the State Troopers of Ohio want to convict this poor girl with “abuse of a corpse” , it’s a felony.
This is a charged that is usually attached to a murder count when the defendant disposed of the body in a sinister way to hide the remains. Some think that prosecutors are charging this girl because she didn’t “grieve” appropriately. Possible the charge is to set a court precedent that defines a fetus as a living breathing person; so that further cases of abortion can be charged as murder.

On her initial visit to the hospital, Ms Watts left after waiting eight hours for a hospital ethics panel to determine whether to induce her pregnancy without legal ramifications because she was on the cusp of Ohio’s viability timeline, 22 weeks

She sat in the hospital for eight hours bleeding for a panel of mostly men to decide if she’s suffered enough to have the fetus (dead) aborted.