Mitek gets patent approval

Mitek granted patent for MiSnap™ industry leading automatic image capture technology. It was issued U.S.Patent “Mobile image quality assurance in mobile document image processing applications” by the U.S. Patent Office. Mitek now has 26 patents issued and 17 patents pending.

As the mobile capture functionality that powers all of Mitek’s solutions, MiSnap™ provides real-time feedback on positioning mobile device and then automatically makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that users successfully capture the optimal image every time.

This patent recognizes MiSnap’s unique image quality assurance tests which enable it to recognize the type of document being captured (such as a check, driver’s license, passport, receipt, utility bill or other document) and make automatic adjustments to account for lighting, focus, image resolution of the camera, user movements and other attributes in order to capture the best possible image.