$MNDY Down -18% in Overseas Pre-Market

I added my charts to Puru’s notes:



Monday Q4 '21 results -

Revenue +91%YOY
Net retention rate > 120%
Net retention rate (10+ users) = 135%
Total customers = 152,048 (+34%YOY)
Adj. diluted EPS (-)$0.26 vs. (-)$0.64 in Q4 '20
Adj. FCF = $10.1m vs. $11.9m in Q4 '20
FY '22 revenue guide +53-54%YOY

I’m long $MNDY


$MNDY beats on revenue, adj. EPS and guidance -

Stock down 18% pre-market and now this 50%YOY grower with recurring revenues and 87% gross margin is selling for EV/S multiple of 12!

At 40X revenue, they were dying to grab shares, at 12X revenue, they are running for the exits!
7:30 AM · Feb 23, 2022·Twitter Web App

The $MNDY earnings thread on Saul’s board has already started: