Modern Counter Battery Tech

This is interesting … at least to me. The technology has been around for decades but apparently the Ukrainian army has a very modern home produced version of it. Suggestions are it has already been in action which should give the Russian arty guys a case of the hotfoot.



Ukraine Army receives newest Zoopark 3 counterbattery radar

Yevgeny Matyushenko

14:00, 21.04.21 1 min.

The system is domestically made, the report stresses.

Ukraine-made 1L220UK counter-battery radar, also known as Zoopark 3, has been accepted for service with the Ukrainian Army’s Ground Forces.

“Its range is colossal, its accuracy is unique, and its speed is impressive. At a certain distance, the radar needs only a few seconds to determine coordinates of the firing target,” the Ground Forces’ press service says, praising the radar produced by NVK Iskra.

1L220UK is designed to discover the locations of enemy artillery positions. Thanks to a powerful radio locating station, it is capable to detect the shells, and the digital system reconstructs the flight trajectories of these, ArmyRecognition reported.

“This allows detecting the accurate location of enemy guns, mortars, MLR and missile systems, as well as tactical missile launchers,” …


I’ve been holding RADA for a while now. These guys are numerous presentations in their IR portal that demonstrate how effective linked counterattack response can be.

Good on the Ukraini’s for building this at home.

RADA presentation:…

The above link is interesting, but does not have as much detail as many I remember. I cannot find them now as they are linked to prior events. Neat tech - and scary stuff if you are the guy holding an RPG or Mortar in ambush.