Modern Data Stack

New edition of the Modern Data Stack landscape (over BI and ML/AI) is out from Matt Turck at Firstmark… with his big pdf of the landscape and a multi part series on trends.

Appearances by Snowflake, MongoDB, Confluent, Databricks, Alteryx, the clouds, and many many many startups. Also o11y companies like Datadog, Splunk (which I think weren’t necessary on this list).

The landscape is getting overwhelming… (Not sure the value of the entire right hand column of “apps”, nor the data sources at the bottom. I focus on the upper left 3 columns for Data Infra, Analytics, ML/AI providers.)

But more of interest are the add’l multi-part series on the trends in the public/private market (part 2), infra (part 3) and ML/AI (part 4).
Lots to devour. If the IPO market re-opens I see a long list of private co’s here that are ready to go public (Databricks, Dataiku, etc etc)

I’ll be publishing my Modern Data Stack explainer soon on my free blog that helps make sense of what these categories all are.