In our FAQ/Knowledgebase I wrote the following some months ago:

Much as I like the MF recommendations, I am struck by a lack of an exit strategy. No one at MF seems to realize that there is nothing wrong with saying “Sorry, we made a mistake with this one. Let’s sell it and move on.” I’m not just talking about the stock, but also the company behind it….

What brought me to write about this was accidentally looking into a stock called Momenta (MNTA), and discovering that it was a MF RB pick. That is, it was a MF RB pick in 2006!!! It was added at $15.78 and as I write it’s at $11.53. That’s eight years!!! And a loss of over four dollars(!!!) in all that time when the market was mostly going up. And no one at MF said “Hey there are better places for your money” during this huge bull market we’ve had for the last five years.

Well, Hidden Gems just put Momenta into the Penalty Box after another quarter of losses. At a current price of $10.90. It’s still an active Buy recommendation on Rule Breakers.


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What you are asking MF Rule Breakers for, Saul, is something we, as investors, all need a huge dose of: HUMILITY.

A truly winsome quality for us all at every level.


PS Good for Hidden Gems