Monday Announces New Integration with Microsoft Teams

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Announces New Integration with Microsoft Teams to Increase Customer-Facing Teams’ Efficiency


With monday sales CRM for Teams, customers can now access and edit their pipeline and all of its data in one place

Today announced monday sales CRM is now live for Microsoft Teams. Built on top of Work OS, monday sales CRM is a fast, intuitive, and fully customizable customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows teams to manage their entire sales cycle and customer data in one centralized place while increasing productivity significantly. Since its launch in 2022, monday sales CRM usage has grown 29x and was named a G2 top sales product for 2023.

Whether hybrid, in-office, or remote, keeping your workforce aligned and up to date can be a challenge that requires workers to constantly switch between applications and search for the latest information. By embedding monday sales CRM into Teams, customers can:

  • Create a collaborative sales environment: Stay organized with teams and channels; schedule and conduct meetings; share and access files quickly; add apps to bring tools into Teams.
  • Bring your entire organization into sales: BDRs through C-level executives can access crucial sales data and revenue projections within Teams; tag legal, finance, and onboarding departments within boards to collaborate around deals.
  • Find all important information in one place: Details on leads, contacts, pipelines, and deals are clearly visible within Teams; update CRM information directly from Teams during stand-ups to maintain alignment.
  • Create clear workflows and processes across departments: Always know where deals stand and what action items are next to keep your pipeline moving forward; automatically notify and update other departments when it’s time for them to get involved.

“On average, information workers switch between 10 apps up to 25 times a day,” says Michal Lupu, Head of Product Growth at “When work is siloed, organizations are forced to run their businesses within the limitations of the software given versus making the software work for them. By integrating monday sales CRM into Microsoft Teams, we’re ensuring sales reps are in the best position to succeed in every interaction.”