Monday Morning Rules of The Board

I thought it might be useful to provide a list of TMF discussion boards devoted to TA, Value, Options, and general FA type questions.

These are all PUBLIC boards.
This is not an exhaustive list of TMF boards. It focuses on the topics identified as off-topic for Saul’s board. There are likely other free/public TMF boards that are useful for discussing these topics, too.

Folks who are ‘new’ to TMF, or perhaps even long time TMFers may not know of some of the Boards available for specific topics. Below is a list of Boards and a brief description of what one might find there, and the focus of the board.

Please note that there are several Boards that are intentionally focused, and an off-topic post will generate a cease and desist order.

For those who want to discuss Options or TA, you might consider adding these to your ‘Favorite Boards’ list? That way, anytime a post is made to the Options or TA boards, you will be notified, and can respond.

I hope this is useful information.


Board name: Dividend Growth Investing…
This board is FOR DIVIDEND investing. They SPECIFICALLY restrict discussions to ‘dividend’ related topics. When the topic strays, they will chide the poster.


Board name: Manlobbi’s descent
This board has a couple of very ‘gentlemanly’ posters, who will often (usually?) answer any question without ‘judgement’.

Board name: Macro Economic Trends and Risks (aka METaR)…
Founded years ago as “mish’s board” by Mishedlo/M Shedlock, this board seeks to discuss ‘macro economic conditions that affect or even effect the economy (and stocks/bonds/etc). While the board is ‘politics free’, one should expect some ‘lite’ politics. Mish left for personal reasons, and the name changed to METaR. There is quite a bit of ‘fluff’ on this board. Usually one can get answers to investment questions. Usually.

Board name: Mechanical Investing…
This board is for those who want to run stock screens and let a completely EMOTIONLESS algorythm determine which stock to buy/sell and when to do so – thus the name “Mechanical”. If you like to write code, this board is for you! The board is for mechanical, screen driven investing. The posters will chide ‘offenders’.

Board name: New Paradigm Investing (aka NPI)…
Founded years ago, by whom? With name? Anyway, the name changed to NPI, and the focus was specifially narrowed to high growth potential tech and biotech stocks. This board has a fair amount of fluff, with some rather intense, often vitriolic political comments. Keep a flame suit handy? The quality of FA is high, there is some mild TA. The posters here will also answer general questions.

Board name: Saul’s Investing Discussions…
Founded by Saul, he describes the board focus “This board is for the discussion and analyzing of individual growth stocks in a cooperative and courteous manner and, secondarily, the philosophy around investing in them. “ This is an FA type discussion.


Board name: Options – You make the call…
This is a free/public Options board.
[*There is a TMF - paid subscription service Options board. This aint it.]
At present, this is a low activity board. For those who want options discussions, it might become more ‘interesting’?

Board name: Options Beginners…
This is a free/public Options board.
[*There is a TMF - paid subscription service Options board. This aint it.]
At present, this is a low activity board. For those who want options discussions, it might become more ‘interesting’?


Board name: Political Asylum
Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Posts about investing will be chided.


Board name: Owning Rental Property…
This board focuses on investing in… rental real estate. Expect to stay on topic.

Board name: Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITs (aka REIT board)…
This board focuses on ‘trusts/mutual funds’ that are comprised of real estate stocks. Expect to stay on topic.


Board name: It is what it is
Founded years ago by TrenchRat (who is no longer with us ) specifically for TA, this board is sort of eclectic. There are several TA folks who post here.

Board name: BMW Method
Founded by BuildMWell, the ‘method’ is TA based on the ‘a stock’s price always returns to the CAGR/average. The method looks at a chart of stock price to identify stocks whose price has strayed from the CAGR.

Board name: Technical Trader’s Sanctuary…
The most frequent posters to this board, IMO, are more in the ‘daytrader’ camp? However, they do discuss some TA techniques and TA of stocks.
I suspect they’d answer TA questions – but perhaps from a daytrader POV?


Board name: Value Hounds…
Mostly focused on finding stocks that are ‘undervalue’ (or perhaps overvalued), this board can have some ‘macro economic’ discussions, too. In general, the posts are about ‘stock’, with ‘gentlemanly’ posts.