I own Mongo, it has excellent proxy data around it, but it is still somewhat an act of faith, unlike say Nvidia which is practically an act of science. But one reason one might think MongoDB is for real is case studies. And when the case study is Cisco, and they lay out the what, why, where, and how of MongoDB in regard to choosing it for absolutely mission critical application worth billions of dollars, and instead of playing it safe with such a mission critical application, they chose MongoDB because the benefits of the NoSQL database are so great compared to SQL (that would be the safe).

I posted this on the NPI board, but I doubt we will ever find a more in-depth description of what makes MongoDB compelling and coming from a neutral source. True, companies give puff pieces for other companies, but how detailed and in-depth Cisco went in describing their process gives it credibility.

If anyone is interested in Mongo, I highly recommend reading. There are things that stand out, such as just how much faster the NoSQL database is than their previous front end database (I mean, MongoDB performed far better than even their requirements were, and their requirements were far better than their previous database - and this was Cisco, so you know they were using the best there was at the time), how little downtime there is, how easy it is to add updates and codes with no downtime, how the document format that Mongo offers is directly compatible with the way Cisco’s data is held, and a bunch of other issues.

This is for version 3. Mongo will be releasing version 4.0 this summer. The big benefit of 4.0 is that it theoretically leaves no reason for say Cisco to not only use MongoDB for its customer facing website, but to use it for all its back end information as well (to Tamhas, yes, this will not replace ERP SQL databases, etc). Anyway link:…

This is consistent with some metrics I have found that showed MongoDB clearly the fastest NoSQL database, which is generally much faster than an SQL database. There are other metrics showing Cassandra to be faster, but what I found is that in general MongoDB is faster but Cassandra may be faster for specific use cases. There is some talk that Cassandra may be more scaleable, but no complaint really on the scaleability of MongoDB.

As to how it comes down as a business model, making no comment on that in this post. I just thought this Cisco case study was the ideal document for anyone wanting to understand what makes the Mongo product so compelling that Cisco would use it for a multi billion dollar mission critical function as early as 2015.



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If you have RB, here’s a link for a good discussion direct from a (huge) IT/banking customer. Very interesting. They’re still using the free version, surprising for such a large bank. Makes me wonder a little about the need for the paid version, but I suppose tech support would be the catalyst? Anyway, it’s good to hear WHY people like it so much.…