Most recommended posts of all time

A trip down memory lane…anyone remember the Fool’s Rule Beaker stock Celera…

Interestingly Saul’s most recommended monthly review was November 2021, one month after the peak.

Note to self: When you see an investment method getting more and more popular gradually with great returns, then suddenly there is a huge bounce in followers (like November 2021 when Saul’s board was almost overwhelmed with new posters - buy puts!


I remember Celera…both the CEO, the company, and the stock. Not sure if I made/lost money overall, because I was more focused on the network stocks like JNPR, RBAK, etc… I think Illumina ILMN became what Celera promised, to an extent. In general, that whole world of DNA/gene editing hasn’t yet reached the heights most likely expected (curing cancer, etc) but I think it will eventually. Science is hard.

As for the Saul comment…agreed…counter-trend indicators and all that, for sure.

I think Saul, and many followers, did 200% in 2020.
What is amazing, is that despite my “only” doing 78% in 2020 in comparison, my results since start of 2020 are superior.

Simply because I learned a lesson in 2000-2002 when I didn’t understand how/why JNPR could justify a $60b+ mkt cap, or if CSCO should have been biggest company on the planet…and all the fanboys and gorilla gamers and momentum investors told me “this time is different” and that I just didn’t understand.

So now I think for myself.
And that has made all the difference.



Another highly recommended post was comparing SAAS companies to some non-SAAS and on that basis SAAS is very cheap as of January 6th, 2022. Ouch!

I still believe in SAAS companies but have learned valuations matter even for these companies.