Motley Fool Small-Cap Growth ETF

This could be interesting as a source of ideas and as a benchmark. It’s currently holding 33 stocks, with very few the same as the ones popular or even discussed here. Ticker is MFMS. Fund manager is Charly Travers. Gross expense ratio is 0.85%.…


“This could be interesting as a source of ideas and as a benchmark. It’s currently holding 33 stocks…”

thanks for posting this. With all due respect to MF and Charley Travers, I think Saul, and Bear, and a few other of the regular posters here will beat the MFMS returns handily. Saul has a concentrated portfolio, and obviously doesn’t have to pay any director salaries, or board meeting costs, etc.

But I’m not Saul, so I am interested in watching how MFMS performs, it might be worth buying a few shares down the road, but only after seeing how it performs.


I have no doubt people here will beat the MFMS over several years. But I’ll be interesting to see how MFMS does against the S&P 500, especially over the first year. What if they can beat the market by several points per year with little work on the investor’s part? That could form a nice backbone for a portfolio that you juice with a few select options. Would be great for people who don’t have the risk tolerance that some here have (like… me). I was in AIEQ most of this year for this reason, and for the first half of the year it was beating the market by 6, 7, 8% at one point before falling on its face the last 2 months or so. I no longer own it, but I am watching it still.

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Thank you for sharing. This is a very interesting ETF that can serve as yet another screen for stocks to analyze for potential growth.

I’m always looking for those sources to help me focus on what I analyze and invest in.

Simply following Saul or following Bear is a foolish way to invest. Learning from them is Foolish

Just a Fool

I’m impressed with what the team at Porto Labs have built, but it’s not a company I would invest in. To me they will have little differentiation over any other contract manufacturers. I’m not going to get excited because their cnc equipment happens to be 3D printers. I do appreciate their website and ease of use however.

It’s like a circuit card cm buys a bunch of surface mount equipment and everyone gets a xcited abour them.

It took me some reading to figure out that AIEQ isn’t investing in AI companies (e.g., Google, Nvidia, etc.); it’s using AI to figure out what to invest in.

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Be careful on MFMS. It carries a huge spread that I wasn’t paying attention to(out of multiple positions for re-balancing). I got burned on it today.