Motorola Solutions to Acquire Avigilon

This was once a Saul’s stock and few of us still own it.



I’m sad to see Avigilon go as it was my 8th largest holding at the close today (should be my 6th largest holding tomorrow once this news is digested).

I’ll take it, have built my position with shares anywhere from $8-$18, so gains will be anywhere from 20%-150%.

Thanks to Saul for bringing this one to my attention a couple years ago. Now I just need to determine where these newly available funds will go.


Count me in that group. I bought in last fall on another post on here, perhaps yours Foodles. If so, thankyou because I am up about 50% in 6 months or so…

Very bittersweet for me, I was actually just writing a post for here that was selling my conviction on the stock. The earnings story was turning around, the revenues were very steady and growing and they were just ramping up cloud data and recurring revenue based on analyzing and storing the video data using AI. Everything in the right direction.

Oh well, at least getting bought says I was looking at the company correctly, and the funds are becoming available when the market is at least temporarily turning down. Not a bad thing…

So now where to turn for reinvestment?

Long AIOCF at least for a few more days…


Bad timing on my part. I sold my all my AIOCF on 1/16/2018. Oh well, I did enjoy the 2017 ride from 9.53 to 17.63 though. I did raise funds yet to be deployed from some of my BOFI also, after a 2017 run from 28.02 to 36.90. I am licking my chops to redeploy on this pullback.