Mower, gas or electric?

I only had issues if I let the grass get too long/tall. If I kept up with it, there weren’t any issues. As I recall, we had fescue. FWIW.

Nope cuts right through it. This isn’t your daddy’s electric lawn mower.


I liked my Greenworks mower when I first bought it. It was light, easy to maneuver, easy to start, low maintenance. I found the batteries did not hold a charge as long when it was hot and humid. I could not mow a quarter acre without charging batteries. I bought extra batteries to switch out. The mower burned out during my second summer.

Next I bought a Kobalt brand battery powered mower. That was a little better.

Now my fiance is using a Honda gas mower. It is faster, mulches better and has a cleaner cut than either of the two battery powered mowers.


He, he, he. Bingo. Bet he’s been mowing St. Augustine.

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You didn’t use the warranty? It has a 4 year warranty on the mower?


There are only two mowers that I have that will cut St. Augustine grass properly.

  1. My front throw (Mc Claine), works the best, but is a PITA, holds very little grass in the catcher.

  2. My Honda HRX217HYA, 21" lawn mower, hydrostatic self propel with a Honda GCV200 engine. The key here is the GCV200 engine. Any engine smaller, and you will have problems trying to plow through St. Augustine. It also holds 4x more grass cuttings then the Mc Claine and I can mulch too.

I mow my grass twice a week in the summer months, and once a week for all other seasons (maintain it at 3").

Southern California
10,000 sq. ft. of level very green St. Augustine grass.

You didn’t use the warranty? It has a 4 year warranty on the mower?

I already had a covered repair to the mower in the first summer. It was a minor issue. There was only one approved repair place within an hour of my house. The hardware shop kept the mower for almost 7 weeks (during the summer). This wasn’t due to waiting for a part, they just had a long line of customers ahead of me. I didn’t want to go through that again.

When the engine burned out, it also destroyed one (maybe both?) of the batteries.

I didn’t like the mower enough to want a replacement. I understand the quality has improved with the later models. I read all the positive reviews on Amazon; I had a very different experience.



i bought my greenworks mower, leaf blower and weed wacker at a 25% off over a labor day factory sale…60v…my kid has the same…i love it…