Mule Soft

We have been very busy, the urgent has over taken the important.

We simply have not been able to review the reports as they have come out and have not been able to buy anything for over a month. Worse, unless we close our eyes and just buy, we will not buy for another month.

We still have a 1/3 of our speculative portfolio in cash. :frowning:

Just looking, Mulesoft is down 25 percent and it has a gap. The few things that I read here did not explain the fall.

I am tempted to just grab some Mulesoft, but Blackline, and New Relics look enticing also.

An aside. I am in the process of taking a new position in the company that will involve a move of my temporary housing across the state of Iowa, at least it isn’t winter.

My townhouse (a real estate investment) is being repaired and repainted after 7 years of continuous occupancy and we need to get it back online or sold. My wife is handling all of that down in Texas. At the same time she is attempting to get all of her doctors appointments done before our insurance changed. Maybe by spring she will sell the home and we will live together. Who knows.

Busy, busy, busy.