If you want a better idea as to what Mule does, this article goes into it. Somewhat long and you don’t really get to Mule until the end of the article.

It also shows you just how painful and complex it is to manage access and security to all these disparate apps. Like OMG. You reall get the point of what Okta does.

Duma, you said MULE was basically a monopoly? My prejudice comes from watching my ex consult in enormous projects that involved new Oracle modules, and integration with old databases, and just how expensive and wasteful the whole process was. Makes us lawyers look like Scrooge’s payroll clerk in comparison.

But perhaps Imay need to drop that prejudice. What I look for are lower risk/high reward in circumstances where the rule or thumb analyst just sees a money losing, or high growth darling that is “priced to perfection” as most of Saul’s companies become referred to as.

As a monopoly, that does create some lower risk. Mongo do like lower risk monopoly investments.



That is a good article, do you know a TAM for MULE?

Besides earnings, it looks like a great investment with >+56% rev growth since May 17 statements.