Munger sold half his BABA

Jim. What are your thoughts?

Having looked into the situation and the fact he has 300k remaining my best guess is tax loss harvesting.

My reasoning being that the sell of 302060 shares equates exactly with the q1 and q3 2021 purchases which were underwater leaving the q4 purchases intact.

So Munger is betting that a super-volatile stock like BABA does not decide to go up in a month by more than what he owes in taxes. Smart thinking!!

What happened to sitting on your behind, etc etc? Pretty words that don’t fit the mood of an old man swinging for the fences, I guess.


What happened to sitting on your behind, etc etc?

The simple fact is we don’t know. But we have a trouble saying/ accepting we don’t know. Hence we speculate. Also, Munger or WEB, doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion and they do what they do, the participants of this board seems to be too busy to defend them. Why I don’t know.