Murder In Key West Angers the Community of Conchs

There’s talk on local news the trial will probably be moved upstate because the shooter and the victim have such deep ties to the community.

A Conch is the name of a native born in Key West.

The articles from mainland news sources do not point out the 21-year old unarmed victim is also the son of the Coach for the KW High School Football Team. The shooter is also a Conch, who, up until his murder charge, was supported by a loyal clientele of locals. I hear tell his business has suffered greatly this past week:

This is a well known bar for locals in uptown Key West (the suburbs).

Surveillance video from the scene and witness reports revealed that Hughes was unarmed and Brewer was never in any danger.

Authorities also reported that Brewer was intoxicated at the time as well.

Brewer was arrested and is facing a second-degree murder charge and a weapons charge.


Brewer, the shooter, was also drunk. Witnesses say he had just pulled up into the bar’s back parking lot and jumped out of his vehicle to confront the unarmed victim.

So, the charges are piling on.

Bar cam footage show that Brewer was never in danger from Hughes, the 21-year old victim. The cameras belong to the shooter and KWPD have all the videos, from different angles, showing Brewer lied to police about his life being threatened. So, he is hoisted on his own video cams which take the place of petards.

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