Must See TV: Okta, Snowflake

I just watched CNBC’s Halftime Report broadcasting from San Francisco today & would highly recommend it if you are investing in the many cloud based companies discussed on this board.

Today’s guests were: Brad Gerstener - CEO of Altimeter Capital, Frank Slootman - CEO & Founder of Snowflake, and Frederic Kerrest Executive VP, Coo, and co-founder of Okta.

Discussion ranges from this being a rare chance in an investor’s lifetime to invest in the transition of business to the cloud which is still very early in its life cycle.

Where we are in the EV/S ratio compared with its median.

If & when Snowflake will IPO and will it be an IPO or Direct Listing (spoiler alert - it sounded to me like an IPO, maybe not until after the election)

The difficulty of doing business in China specifically if you want to protect your IP.

Here are some links - you should really go to the CNBC website & watch the entire show - IMHO it is worth your time. Unfortunately CNBC post the show cut up on its website so the links below are various portion of the interviews.

  1. The first is Brad Gerstener.…

  1. The next three add Snowflake founder & CEO Frank Slootman.………

  1. The last is with Frederic Kerrest of Okta.…

Frank - long OKTA, see profile for all holdings


Not to be a nitpicker but Frank Slootman did not found OKTA. He was brought in to help get them to IPO. I realize founder led criteria is a big thing to many people (for good reason). This should not prevent you from buying Snowflake if/when Snowflake goes public. Slootman’s tenure at Data Domain and Servicenow were marked with significant increase in share prices.

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I think you meant to say that Slootman did not found Snowflake.

I stand corrected, thanks.

Frank - long OKTA, see profile for all holdings

on the… link. watch it all but note around 2:00
this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
Hope he is right.