My 2020 Pick...

Is Roku. This is about streaming os wars and Roku is in tight with Walmart since Walmart doesn’t sell TV’s with Amazon fire built in. But Amazon best selling Tv’s on its website are Roku TV’s. This article really explains how powerful Roku has become.…


Thanks G88!

That is an interesting article and does lay out many of the issues. I’m with you and the author on the ROKU outlook though there are several potential winners, as the writer says.

His conclusions are logical but his merger predictions that Amazon will buy out both TTD and NFLX seem very unlikely. Either acquisition by AMZN in this heightened period of Internet monopoly fear would face severe government scrutiny in the USA and elsewhere, making an Amazon acquisition of TTD doubtful though not impossible, and an AMZN acquisition of NFLX an unthinkable threat to global commerce.

More plausible to me is that sometime during the next decade, Amazon will be prevailed upon break apart, which could clear the way for NFLX, TTD, Amazon Fire synergies.

A main takeaway here in this streaming revolution is the same great uncertainty as we face in the SAAS/Cloud emergent disruption, it’s tough to know which companies will win and what the landscape will look like when the dust has cleared. Does stop us from trying to sort it out and forecast it early enough to make some serious money in the stock market.

This article sheds some light for me. He says Amazon, NFLX, ROKU, TTD, Google, and others will all win. Intuitively, this seems far-fetched, but when i study the mind boggling genius at the top of each of these organizations, i’m beginning to think it might be smarter to bet on all of them rather than none of them.


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