My apology


My apology to you and the overall MF boards I did not use common sense in the post I wrote that was rightfully erased.


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I am not sure if you read my post (the one that got erased)
But I just wanted to say something about Your wife and to wish you and her my best.

And keep up the good work,

Just to be clear:

In context I said keep up the good work, meaning:
QuillPenn taking good care of his wife, who is seriously ill.

Which was not wrong in any way ( my saying this )

But I added things about my own family that though they were not bad either, were not appropriate to this discussion board.


Frank, i appreciate your words. There is a very human side we are all going through, that is absent from these types of forums. Sometimes I think it’s ok to have a reality check, a reminder of our human side… Though agree with you there are probably better places for more discussion. Best wishes to you and your family.

Quillpen, also wish you and your wife the very best. And best wishes to everyone on this board…


Frank I didn’t see the post but agree very much with Earthshine123.
On a positive note, I think we read so much from many of the folks on the boards that we really do feel like we are friends, and friends tend to share the good and the bad and the off topic, and that is a good thing.
Best to you and Quillpen.


Thanks Mike