My porfolio as of 6/7/2017

Listed in descending order by position size, posted here mostly as an exercise to force myself to take a similar look at my own portfolio to the summaries that get posted here with semi-regularity.

Ticker	Port % YTD change    Comments
NVDA	25.62%	38.04%	If I had added on the way up throughout 2016, I'd really be looking to trim it
AAPL	10.27%	33.35%	
cash	8.86%	 N/A	
SHOP	7.69%	130.02%	
MELI	5.66%	79.35%	position increased recently
UBNT	5.28%  -13.24%	position increased recently; not owned @ beginning of year
EXC	4.84%	3.38%	position trimmed recently; too flat for too long
TWTR	4.61%	7.79%	
SWIR	4.52%	80.89%	
CAMP	3.82%	33.38%	
BOFI	3.48%  -23.26%	Stinking short attacks
CCJ	2.99%  -13.56%	
NXPI	2.89%	11.06%	Drawn out purchase by Qualcomm; planning to sell once owned for 1 year
SO	2.70%	3.25%	
CELG	2.33%	0.98%	
Options 2.11%	 N/A	Testing out strategies/observing unusual activity, gambling on earnings a bit
RIG	1.14%  -38.26%	May survive, if any offshore drillers do
UAA	1.09%  -30.40%	
SDRL	0.11%  -86.51%	Impending bankruptcy for several months; loss to eventually offset some gains 

For company name references.
Company Name	       Ticker
 Nvidia 	        NVDA
 Apple    	        AAPL
 Shopify 	        SHOP
 Mercado Libre   	MELI
 Ubiquiti Networks 	UBNT
 Exelon 	        EXC
 Twitter 	        TWTR
 Sierra Wireless 	SWIR
 CalAmp 	        CAMP
 Bank of Internet 	BOFI
 Cameco 	        CCJ
 NXP Semiconductor 	NXPI
 Southern Company 	SO
 Celgene 	        CELG
 Transocean 	        RIG
 Under Armor 	        UAA
 Seadrill 	        SDRL

Impending bankruptcy for several months; loss to eventually offset some gains

If you sold now, and realized a pittance instead of nothing, wouldn’t that pittance serve just as well as an offset? The last I heard the IRS still accepts money as an alternative to an offsetting loss.

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Good point. I did finally give up any hope of SDRL not going bankrupt about 5-6 weeks ago and have no good reason not to go ahead and sell those shares beyond waiting for an uptick in crude oil prices (which may be more likely now after the big drop yesterday).

NVDA now at 26.5% of portfolio value…guess I’ll let it keep running for now.

Starting to truly understand the adding to winner’s philosophy, even though I didn’t in this case with NVDA. Had I done so, I might not have the 800% gain on the entire NVDA position, but my total portfolio would be higher…of course then NVDA might be 30% or more, increasing the thought of possibly trimming some that much more.


Starting to truly understand the adding to winner’s philosophy

This is great. I came around to this thinking as well, in great part from this board, but also from investing in a small private business. Long story short, I recently increased my equity stake, after learning of a sharp uptick in recurring revenue after a successful expansion of offerings and marketing blitz. I wouldn’t have thought to “add to my position” until I saw the business actually doing better and returning to growth. I will post more detailed thoughts on that separately.

A reflection of what precisely you define as “winner” is important here, imho. Winner to me doesn’t necessarily mean a higher stock price. Digging thru earnings, poring over financials and reading up on the guidance, conference calls and any public information available on the company is where you determine whether the company is winning. Personally, this is why I can mentally distinguish between adding to a long stock position when its price is up or down. It could be “winning” from the looks of a stock price, but slowing its growth, or vice versa.

In terms of your NVDA position… Have you considered a protective collar on at least a portion of your shares? Off topic for this board, but I see you over on the SA options board so if you’re interested we could discuss further there.




For a quick comparison of how my portfolio has evolved in the past 8+ months, here are the 2/13/2018 percentages, followed by the 6/7/2017 percentages (with annotations, as needed).

Company    Ticker % of total port
Nvidia 	   NVDA	   25.99%
Arista	   ANET	   10.40%
Mercado L. MELI	    9.31%
Apple 	   AAPL	    6.68%
Ubiquiti   UBNT	    5.72%
Shopify    SHOP	    5.76%
Square 	   SQ	    4.28%
Bank Int.  BOFI	    4.33%
Cognex 	   CGNX	    0.16% (options position only, to capture any pop from 2/15 Q'ly announcement; not recurring revenue)
Options    Opt.	    4.04% (excluding CGNX and CELG positions)
Trade Desk TTD	    2.76%
cash 	   cash	    8.87%
Sierra     SWIR	    1.98%
iRobot     IRBT	    1.64%
Hubspot	   HUBS	    1.97%
Alteryx    AYX	    1.61%
Pure Stor. PSTG	    2.07%
Celgene    CELG	    1.71% (options position only)
Under Armr UAA	    0.68%
Seadrill   SDRL	    0.05%

Company Name	Ticker	% of total port
 Nvidia 	NVDA	25.62%
 Apple  	AAPL	10.27%
 cash money 	cash	8.86%
 Shopify 	SHOP	7.69%
 Mercado Libre 	MELI	5.66%
 Ubiquiti Net. 	UBNT	5.28%
 Exelon 	EXC	4.84%
 Twitter 	TWTR	4.61%
 Sierra Wirels  SWIR	4.52%
CalAmp	        CAMP	3.82%
 Bank of Intnt  BOFI	3.48%
 Cameco 	CCJ	2.99%
 Cognex 	CGNX	0.00%
 NXP Semicndtr 	NXPI	2.89%
 Southern Co. 	SO	2.70%
 Celgene 	CELG	2.33%
 The Trade Desk TTD	0.00%
Options 	Options 2.11%
 Transocean 	RIG	1.14%
 Under Armor 	UAA	1.09%
 Seadrill 	SDRL	0.11%


I did have many more annotations than what is included, but inadvertently closed the tab and lost it…sad times. That information would have been quite useful to me in that form. It can be retrieved at some point if I put the effort back in.

To summarize the main take-aways, I have gotten rid of the following positions since June 2017:
Exelon, Twitter (maybe the only “mistake” from these), CalAmp (up some, so maybe should have held this and axed Sierra Wireless), Cameco, NXP (buy-out from QCOM), Southern Company, and Transocean

Adding along the way with Arista Networks and Mercado Libre has worked out quite well so far, still to be determined on doing that with The Trade Desk. NVidia, BOFI, SQ, and Shopify would have been well-served by adding on the way up…although NVidia would dominate the portfolio even more if I had been “buying in 3rds”/adding to winners since back in 2015.