My porfolio at End of June 2018

Portfolio Review – June


My name is Marko and I am a very low tier, beginner investor. So please do not take anything I say as absolute truth etc. disclaimers :blush: I have almost no idea what I am doing, and am just in the process of learning. Especially on this forum, where people say that they are not as seasoned as many after 20!!! Years of investing. I bought my first shares for the company I work at, in august 2016, shortly after that I subscribed to MF Stock Advisor, and made my first failure purchases (GILD + UA) which soon halved and I lost a bunch of money. Lesson learned …. Investigate yourself and don’t buy stuff you don’t understand. I should have exited UA as soon as I saw that I did not like their products …. But didn’t and it cost me. At the moment I am working full time. As I have discovered, I am quite bad at running a business, so I rather put some money in people that can run them. Anyway, I hope posting here instead of just lurking will give me some more lessons that I do not have to pay for :wink:. I also consider myself a micro investor as my investments at the moment are at the low range of 5 figures.
Changes in portfolio in July:

Sold Disney

I sold Disney because of it’s sheer size, and for Disney to double in stock price would have to take something extraordinary. When infinity war came out I expected a serious BUMP in the stock price, what I got was Nothing. I exited the position on June 20th at 107.08 after holding for 2 years and 3 months for a 11.8% gain.

Bought Nutanix

I have had my eye on Nutanix for a very long time, almost 3 years now, and I have used their products, which were very good but constrained due to the hardware licensing model they had, once they swapped to a SaaS model, I knew they would make great things happen. I was unfortunate enough to not catch the initial switch (didn’t spot when they switched) but now i have remedied the situation of not having a piece of this market disruptor.

Bought WIX

Due to SA recommendation and Bear’s discussion I decided to buy in on WIX, I didn’t do much research on it, just went to their site, liked how it looked, read some comments, + they have “Free” model, which I think is great for getting customers in the door and used to the system, and once they are used to using WIX they don’t feel like swapping to anything else and re-learning.

Bought Pivotal

The cloud went through this hype-cycle where initially Gartner said “Move everything to cloud” and now it’s more at a stage of “move the proper things to cloud because it can save you money” and any company that enables this cost savings (like pivotal and Nutanix) are going to make a LOT of people very happy and thereby investors rich.

Porfolio stats:

My entire portfolio is down 3% but I think this is mostly due to my late purchases, as I have micro portfolio each purchase weight pretty heavily due to fees etc.

Pivotal Weight: 11.34%
Wix.Com Ltd Weight: 12.50%	
Nutanix Weight: 12.85%	
Arista Networks Weight: 10.70%

SDN networks are a godsend, simplify networking to code level and your enterprise is in a good state, in fact that goes for all infrastructure. Infrastructure as code is key to sustainability! It allows specialists to get rid of menial labor and do the same things over and over again, and instead allow EVERYONE to develop and ask changes in a better way, and for admins to retain control.

Shopify Inc 10.61%
Good Internet shop platform. I remember the first time I had to program an internet store, it was a pain, now Shopify makes it easy and accessible!

Alphabet A Weight: 11.73%
Who does not know google? I think this titan will keep going, does not fit in a growth portfolio, but still.

Facebook Weight: 30.27%
Who does not know Facebook? Still has a ways to grow, very big but still running fast.

Monthly Stats:

Ticker	Month P/L
PVTL	-1,78%
WIX	-5,38%
NTNX	-14,79%
ANET	-1,43%
SHOP	-3,26%
GOOGL	-0,51%
FB	0,17%


Thanks for sharing Marko, my portfolio has seen drops similar to yours during the last week or two. Just a matter of perspective and timing (impossible to know). This is not financial advice, but know you’re not alone in recent portfolio dips.

I personally am staying invested because my time horizon is 5+ years, I believe in these companies, and I don’t want to look back in 5 or 10 years an kick myself for missing the 2,000% gainer because I thought shares might drop 20-30% short term.

Just how I think about it…


Hey Aleeb,

Same here, im only 32 so plenty of time to go! :slight_smile:

My target is hopefully a realistic one, to get an additional pillar of income and increase the quality of life for my family!

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Hi MK, I am a lot like you but 2 years away from retiring. Speaking of dips, I got you beat. I moved 20k over from my secure 2020 target fund and spent it on stocks that I wanted more of. Next day the recent dip happened. Speaking of lessons learned. But it will come back, always has, and I will trim enough off the top to keep as cash to buy during dips.

Who still has enough diversity to handle 5 years of Super drop

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Someone pointed out a math error, I held Disney for 1y 10m :smirk: