My port and Talend

Unlike the good investors on this board, I did not find the Talend earnings
call useful to change or re-affirm my confidence in Talend.

Like all Saul stocks, the top line growth is 40+ percent. However, the
absolute losses and free cash flow is negative and projected to remain
negative through 2018. 

At one point today, SHOP was 20 percent of my "Saul" portfolio and I
toyed with the idea of selling some shares to bring it down to 15 percent
and buying some Talend based on the earnings report. Even if SHOP had
closed above 130 I would not trade any SHOP for any Talend.

I will wait and study some more before I invest anymore in Talend. Today
Talend represents about 8 percent of my "Saul" portfolio and while I am
not extremely comfortable with this, I will leave it here until I get
more information.

ANET	10.36%
AYX	7.48%
EXAS	3.37%
HUBS	10.43%
NKTR	2.14%
NTNX	8.23%
PSTG	8.67%
SHOP	17.87%
SQ	8.97%
TLND	7.97%
VFFIF	13.45%
CASH	1.04%

As matter of discipline until I am a better investor, I intend to trim any
position that becomes more than 20 percent of my portfolio. As I have not
done enough work, had I trimmed SHOP today, I do not know what I would have

My "Saulish" portfolio is much larger than my "Saul" portfolio. As my wife
and I gain experience we are moving from cash to stocks. The idea is a series
of stocks that have been looked over though the "Saul" lens. While they are 
often too big, or too slow to make the big gains, we feel that they are "safer"
or at least less volatile. We only started buying stocks in this portfolio after
we used up all the cash in the "Saul" portfolio. We have moved stocks that
had matured, like Amazon and Nvidia to this portfolio. The only real risky stock
is Village Farms, but we have a high conviction in this one. :)

Even so, above 20 percent it will get trimmed.

AMZN	7.92%
CDW	9.70%
GOOGL	17.70%
NVDA	6.51%
VFFIF	17.71%
CASH	40.46%

I will note that had Amazon shown any weakness in the last sell off, we would
have added, and I am kicking myself for not adding NVDA at 210 or 205. My habit
on these blue light specials is to try to get them at the cheap and I had my bid
in at the bottom of the gap, 201 and it did not fill. Penny wise pound foolish.