My portfolio at the end of Mar 2019

I just was looking for clarification regarding where GH fits in the picture. If they can diagnose without any tissue biopsy, that is a huge deal. Most of the headlines (“liquid biopsy beats traditional biopsy in lung cancer” is what I generally see regarding NILE) and discussion on these boards seem to suggest that is the case. But if it’s the second situation which is what the actual descriptions of the abstract indicate to me, it’s not nearly as impactful from a clinical standpoint.

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I am sure liquid biopsy (Guardant 360) cannot be used to make a diagnosis of NSCLC. A tissue biopsy is still required currently. I agree with you that the clinical impact on NSCLC is not as huge as described in those headlines. It will likely mainly serve those patients whose biopsy material is insufficient for molecular tests, which is likely < 5-10% of all NSCLC patients receiving biopsies. It will also serve those wealthier patients seeking alternative actionable targets (not those routinely tested). I think it works better than targeted panel sequencing using tissue material (such as FoundationOne). It will likely compete favorably with Foundation Medicine. However, that kind of premier tests are not yet routinely used.


Thanks for posting and all the information. I’m new to this site and Stock Advisor. I have owed only Vanguard mutual funds in the past and am very frustrated that my holdings have increased only $1,000 since December 2017 (not a typo), with no withdrawals. Trying to learn…so this is very helpful.


Good afternoon and welcome to the board. We generally discuss in percentages. If you invested 1.00 and you’re up 1,000.00 then we’re all switching to mutual funds. If your port is a million dollars and you’re up a thousand, it’s probably time for a change.
If you say you’re up or down 6% or whatever, it’s easy to understand and nobody on here is trying to outdo anybody with port size. Everyone is just trying to help each other with ideas on how to beat the market.


I can relate. My wife and I each have a Roth IRAs with Vanguard. I am 40 and feel in ultra conservative.

Out entire investments in these accounts is VT ( total World Market). over 8000 holdings a share.

though well diversified I feel im not gonna get returns I could if I was to break it up some. You can’t ever argue its a bad investment but don’t have to push the envelope very hard to get better returns im almost certain.

This forum has opened my eyes and ears and is teaching me vast information and allowing me to go about researching my thoughts and equities. Sauls announcement section might be the most concentrated educational approach to looking into companies ive read, and ive read a lot of books.

Welcome. im new as well.

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