My tags/categories are not staying

I have tried to recreate my favorite boards using the categories and tags, but those are not sticking. The next time I log in they are not listed.
This is not going to work because I am getting flooded with all the “latest”.

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After modifying the sidebar, you need to click the Save Changes button. This gets hidden behind the dropdown of all the boards. Click elsewhere on white space in the window to dismiss the dropdown.


My guess is that you are failing to click on the save button when adding categories to the list of categories. The drop-down box that allows you to select a category covers up the save button. It’s a bit of absolutely horrible design. When done selecting categories, make sure to close the list by clicking the same X that dropped the list down or just clicking away from the drop-down list. That allows you to see and use the save button.



Letting the Save Changes button get hidden by a drop down box is absolutely a horrible design and even worse is that the coders didn’t notice or think that was a problem.


This is a new feature and we are early adopters because we know Fools love their favorites, we can report the issue to the development team.


No, I used the save. (Although that did take a moment to work out.)
I had started getting tags and categories set up. They were on the left side.

Next time I logged in, they are all gone and I am back to defaults.

It seems there are TWO different forms of the boards???
I have tags when I am in premium community, but not tags when I am in just discussion boards?? I need to get to stock discussions and to boards like Saul’s. Is there no way to get to non-premium and paid service boards?

Yes the premium site is hosted at and the free site is hosted at Other than the favorite boards feature the old boards were similarly partitioned but now you will just have to setup your categories (and tags) separately on both sites. The primary motivation for bifurcating into two separate sites is that we felt that having all the free content show up on the premium site would be very confusing for premium members who do not regularly visit the free boards. It is definitely an adjustment for users who were used to seeing both their free and premium favorite boards in one place.

And how do you easily switch between the 2 sites (free and premium) on a mobile device?

I can see that if I click the green arrow at the top of the page (which looks like a play button) I can get to the premium boards, but there is no easy way (as far as I can see)to get from the premium boards to the free boards. Or is there a way I’m not seeing. I’m on the mobile boards app.)



The button to go from premium to free is being added…we’re just waiting on the developer to get to it on their list of stuff. It should be in the same place when that happens.

We couldn’t add it before the free site went live because it would have just gone to an empty (and locked down space)


Now I’m curious as to what company you used as the developer. Is it a known company that we might be invested in or a small unknown company?


It’s Discourse - this platform is used by many companies for their communities. When I referred to the ‘developer,’ I meant the team there that helped us with the implementation. I would say it’s pretty well known given their customer list but still small. I had never heard of it last fall but since then, I’ve seen it on a few other communities.

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