My take away from Nvidia’s GTC keynote

Nvidia is relegating all of the Enterprises in the World to merely their proprietary segment specific Data. How is this not the end game when…

“AI (Models and Compute)is the engine and data is the oil.”, George Kurtz, CEO Crowdstrike. And Nvidia is making both the models and the compute.

Tell me I’m wrong, please.

Jensen Huang stated in his Keynote at GTC, he now sees the value of this transformation in how we use computers to be $100Trillion. It sounds like near 10% of this is Nvidia’s TAM, when data is 90% of the value (per CTO of Snowflake).

A few Customer mentions from the Keynote:

Siemens integrating Nvidia Omniverse (Siemens value is merely their Data)

Crowdstrike utilizing Nvidia Morpheus (Crowdstrike value is merely their Data)

At least Snowflake adds the value of sharing ‘other peoples Data’.