MZOR up on good system sales progress

Hi all,

So for those following MZOR, there was some good news. It reported sale of 5 systems in Q3 14, including 1 with the brain module. They also sold two brain module upgrades to existing system owners. The brain module was launched in Q2 14.…

The five systems we sold in the 3rd quarter increased our US installed base to 44 systems and included systems installed in new major metropolitan markets, such as San Francisco and Detroit. We also installed systems in our developed clusters, penetrating deeper into these markets where we continue to see significant growth opportunities,” commented Ori Hadomi, Chief Executive Officer. "Furthermore, we are very encouraged from the initial interest from current and prospective customers of the newly launched brain application.

I understand all system sales were in the US, bring US system base to 44. Total should be 75 systems now worldwide.