Nasty Twist in Deaths of Murdaugh's Wife & S

The moment I read this Murdaugh character was accused of arranging a hit man to fake his murder for insurance money, I immediately had this hinky feeling that the guy may have been involved in the murder of his wife and other son.

And now, forensic evidence ties Murdaugh to the scene of the murders. Blood spatter analysis and his dead son’s cellphone put Murdaugh at the scene during the time-frame of the murders:

Sun headline: HORROR DEATHS Major update as Alex Murdaugh indicted for murder of wife & son found dead at hunting lodge after his chilling 911 call
Israel Salas-Rodriguez
11:17 ET, Jul 14 2022Updated: 13:45 ET, Jul 14 2022…

The 54-year-old is already jailed on dozens of charges including a scam to fake his own death.


However, a source told CNN on Thursday that blood spatters were found on his clothing — suggesting he had been close to at least one of his family members when they were shot.

The source confirmed an earlier report by FITSNews, which said that a significant amount of high-velocity impact spatter was found on the shirt Murdaugh wore that night.