Navellier on NVDA…




He had an almost identical blog on Arista today (of course talking about Arista products, not GPUs). Appears Navellier, for what ever it is worth is quite high on both.


Check out Navellier’s Toolbox (on the right side of the page). Great for checking one’s opinion about stocks. There is one stock in my portfolio that I was starting to have doubts about. Navellier has a negative rating on it. I checked out two from my wish list, they get much better ratings.

A long time ago I used to subscribe to his MPT Review and made good money with it. I met him personally at an investor conference and he made an excellent impression. But Navellier is a master of double talk! He explains endlessly and brilliantly how he does it and after you are finished reading you don’t have a clue. :wink: But his stock picking and rating are excellent.

Denny Schlesinger

Your 2 holdings, Tinker.

I sold my Twitter shares yesterday as I don’t have high confidence in it going forward and wanted to add some cash to my account. I think I might go ahead and take my initial bite of Arista here in the near future (maybe today).

I think this is a link to the Arista Networks post that Tinker referenced above (title is “Arista Networks stock is an unstoppable growth machine”).…

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