Need Help With A System Restore

I need to do a system restore and having gone down this path before I had made a note to myself to disable Defender and MalwareBytes before dong the restore. As expected the restore ran for about an hour and I received a cryptic message that some virus protection software is still running. All I have is Defender, MawareBytes and CCleaner. I’ve turned them off and the restore has failed three times now.

Any idea what else I need to turn off in order to get a successful restore?

Running Win 11 on a desktop.

I’ve just about forgotten why I wanted to run a restore in the first place. Hope all the virus folks are having a nice day. See the aggravation you’ve caused?

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Not that I’ll be able to offer much help, but since this is probably important, are you trying to use the built-in Windows 11 system restore capabilities? That is, those accessible from Control Panel as shown here:

Hey g0177325. Yep, that’s the one. Every time I’ve tried it (about 5 times now) I turn off M/S Defender, turn off CCleaner, turn off MalwareBytes and run it. It typically runs for about 45 minutes to an hour. It then stops with this cryptic message that it can’t complete the restore because I’ve got a Virus scanner turn on. Grrrr!!! Why the heck can’t it tell me what’s turned on that so upsetting to it?

The whole reason for wanting to run the restore is because all of a sudden all of my Outlook emails when being composed are all of a sudden double spaced and indented on both the left and right sides. I can send a test email to my wife’s laptop (the boss) and it comes out fine. Looks normal “BUT” on my end it looks terrible. Also all of my incoming emails are twice as long as the used to be due to double spacing. Pain in the tookus when reading through a lengthy SPAM when you want to get the bottom it takes forever.

Anyway, that’s basically my story and I’m sticking to it.

Can’t help with the restore, but this thread suggest uninstalling any virus scanners first - Redirecting

The Outlook problem would seem to be a “simple” setting somewhere that you might have inadvertently change?

I think that’s what I said above … I turn off M/S Defender, turn off CCleaner and turn off MalwareBytes. So I’ve addressed the problem of uninstalling the virus sanners … or am I not understanding what you are saying?

Not just turn them off, but actually uninstall them entirely. Seems extreme to me (not to mention “but I should have to do that” annoying!), but it might work. It might be that there are still virus services running even though they’re no longer actively doing their jobs, and if so, the restore won’t be able to overwrite the exe or dll files that are still in use. Of course, I probably wouldn’t try to uninstall Windows Defender before ruling out the other two programs you have.


I suspect that CCleaner is the problem. I’d try uninstalling it. Not just turn it off but literally uninstall it. See:


You ain’t gonna believe this. Just before I read your note I actually “uninstalled” both Malwarebytes and CCleaner. Unfortunately the restore point I wanted to use had apparently rolled off and I had to use the most current restore point. It still took about 45 minutes to run “BUT” it finally ran.

Although it didn’t correct my problem with Outlook because the backup had rolled off it did restore MalwareBytes and CCleaner … grin.

Oh, well, live and learn. For others going down this path the moral of the story is when Restore says it can’t run because of Virus software don’t just turn the Virus software off you need to eradicate that Mother. I mean delete, uninstall, make sure there is NO evidence of it’s being and then Restore “might” run then again maybe it won’t.

Thanks for your input.


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Glad I could help. Sorta. :slight_smile: