Nervokid - February 21 update

So, I’ve been thinking about it and can’t remember anything good that ever happened to me in February. This year contributed once more to make it one of my least favourite months. It was kind of Jekyll & Hyde, with 2 great weeks followed by a total red wipeout, which left me basically where I was one month before (minus Gamestop, but that’s another story). Also, as an anecdote, my home PC broke down, and I had all of my investing notes and spreadsheets there, which made writing this all the more difficult… bought a new PC that arrived last week and turned out to have faulty parts (so it still doesn’t work), all in all a lovely month.


**Company			Ticker		% Feb	% Jan**
CloudFlare		NET		19,5%	14,5%
Crowdstrike		CRWD		19,0%	16,3%
Fiverr			FVRR		7,9%	5,2%
DataDog			DDOG		7,7%	4,5%
Magnite			MGNI		7,2%	5,9%
EXP World Holdings	EXPI		6,2%	3,4%
Fulgent Genetics	FLGT		5,9%	4,2%
Lemonade		LMND		5,5%	5,5%
Teladoc			TDOC		4,9%	5,0%
Roku			ROKU		4,6%	2,5%
Snowflake		SNOW		3,8%	3,4%
Palantir		PLTR		3,5%	0,7%
fuboTV			FUBO		2,8%	2,7%

GameStop		GME		0,7%	8,3%
Yalla Group		YALA		0,5%	 -
Mountain Pass		MP		0,1%	 -

DocuSign		DOCU		 -	2,9%
Zoom Video		ZM		 -	4,7%
Appian			APPN		 -	4,1%
Etsy			ETSY		 -	2,5%

Cash					0,2%	3,6%

Company Stock evolution ytd

For positions started this year, starting price is where I first bought it.
For companies I was already holding in December, starting price is Dec 31 Close.

**Price 02/26	Starting	Growth**
**FLGT**	101,26		52,1		94,36%
**EXPI**	60,39		31,56		91,35%
**MGNI**	48,87		30,71		59,13%
**FVRR**	269,97		195,1		38,38%
**FUBO**	35,3		28		26,07%
**ROKU**	395,48		332,02		19,11%
**TDOC**	221,09		199,96		10,57%
**LMND**	125,79		122,5		2,69%
**CRWD**	216		211,82		1,97%
**PLTR**	23,9		23,55		1,49%
**NET**	73,97		75,99		-2,66%
**DDOG**	95,41		98,44		-3,08%
**SNOW**	259,54		281,4		-7,77%
MP	42,03		36,96		13,72%
GME	101,74		112,74		-9,76%
YALA	21,71		31,43		-30,93%

Portfolio Results Year to Date

End of Jan +24.7%
End of Feb +14,0%

Noteworthy movement this month:


DocuSign, Zoom Video
Thought their growth would slow down this year compared to other companies I’m holding.

Good earnings report, but guidance for the coming year was a lot less aggressive than what I was expecting (growth below 20%), so I decided to part ways.

In hindsight, really should have waited for the earnings report before selling it, it’s already up almost 10% from where I sold. Needed capital to take advantage of the sales campaign for a lot of the companies loved by this board last week, Etsy was the one where I had the least conviction.

Sold most of it right at the start of the month, left a really tiny portion as a sort of memento.
I think the most important lesson learned with the GME adventure was to always have an exit plan, especially in these opportunistic, riskier trades. Could have walked away at the end of January with 300% profit in under a week, didn’t, ended up barely making it out without losing money in the process.
One I won’t forget so soon.


Yalla Group
Yalla is a voice-based social network operating in MENA region that went public late last year. The company’s based in Dubai (self described as the first tech unicorn out of the Emirates), and along with the social network product, they have Yalla Ludo, that provides entertainment via online board games with voice chat. The growth seems amazing, so far, looking forward to see their next earnings report that should be coming up in March. I got in touch with their IR last week, they say they still don’t have a date for the report.

Wrote about the company earlier this month, here:

Mountain Pass
Just scouting for now, with a microscopic position. MP want to become the biggest provider of rare earth materials in the US, focusing primarily on materials needed to build engines for electric vehicles (irrespective of vehicle brand).

Notes on my Conviction Holdings:

CloudFlare (NET)
Crowdstrike (CRWD)
DataDog (DDOG)

Lots of people smarter and more experienced have talked about these three on the board, I’ve nothing much to add except I’ve been seeing CloudFlare pop up more and more when I’m web browsing, I take it as a sign more companies are adopting their products.

I’ve bought call options for the first time this month (LEAPs for 2023), and one of the 2 companies I bought them for is CloudFlare.
On the shares side, also added quite a bit to it during the month, as I could see nothing wrong with the earnings report. Now here’s hoping the stock price rushes along.

Added considerably to my DataDog position as well, when the price dropped late this month.

Fiverr (FVRR)

One of my first ever purchases, glad to see it performing. I posted about their earnings report here on the board but the post was deleted, couldn’t really figure out why. Here’s how they’ve been doing sequentially:

Revenue $M

Q4 FY20	55,9	6,9%
Q3 FY20	52,3	11,0%
Q2 FY20	47,1	37,7%
Q1 FY20	34,2	15,5%
Q4 FY19	29,6	6,5%
Q3 FY19	27,8	7,3%
Q2 FY19	25,9	9,1%
Q1 FY19	23,8	14,7%
Q4 FY18	20,7	5,7%
Q3 FY18	19,6	6,6%
Q2 FY18	18,4

Active Buyers (Millions)

Q4 FY20	3,4	9,7%
Q3 FY20	3,1	10,7%
Q2 FY20	2,8	12,0%
Q1 FY20	2,5	4,2%
Q4 FY19	2,4	4,3%
Q3 FY19	2,3	4,5%
Q2 FY19	2,2	4,8%
Q1 FY19	2,1	5,0%
Q4 FY18	2	0,0%
Q3 FY18	2	5,3%
Q2 FY18	1,9	

Avg Spend per buyer ($)

Q4 FY20	205	5,1%
Q3 FY20	195	5,4%
Q2 FY20	185	4,5%
Q1 FY20	177	4,1%
Q4 FY19	170	4,3%
Q3 FY19	163	3,8%
Q2 FY19	157	4,7%
Q1 FY19	150	3,4%
Q4 FY18	145	2,8%
Q3 FY18	141	4,4%
Q2 FY18	135	

One to hold for a long time, it seems.

Palantir (PLTR)
Probably where I spent more this month. Really liked the IBM partnership and their Demo day, I think they have great days ahead of them (even if the stock price has been going south these past few weeks). Bought shares and call options for '23.

Magnite (MGNI)
This one just keeps on giving, and with the renewed and expanded Disney deal, looks set to keep making me smile.
Mitch1313 described it well here:…

I trimmed a little bit earlier this month to get capital to buy the NET calls, holding on to the rest.

Roku (ROKU)
fuboTV (FUBO)
Along with MGNI, my other 2 content plays.
With ROKU, in it for the CTV growth of that side of the business, and doing well so far.
With FUBO, subscription service focused on live sports, in it as I believe it’ll explode if they manage to get sports gambling approved to run on the platform. If the sports bets don’t get approved, will probably exit.

EXP World Holdings (EXPI)
EXPI are set to be one of the biggest real estate companies in the world.
These guys keep expanding, they launched the platform in Brazil this month, it seems they’re adding new markets every month.
They had a stock split this month, after announcing that the price shot up, once the split happened it’s been going down a little , took the chance to buy some more.

Fulgent Genetics (FLGT)
At $101 it’s my best performer this year, and to think it was around $180 earlier this month!!
Eager to hear their earnings report.
Fulgent are a genetic testing company, that hit the jackpot when they focused on Covid testing early on the pandemic, delivering at scale and super quickly. Their numbers exploded then, and it’s been growing since.
I guess they have at least a couple more strong quarters, with the vaccines progress let’s see what happens next - management claim the business is healthy even without the Covid tests.

Lemonade (LMND)
Snowflake (SNOW)
Kind of a quiet month for these two. Let’s see what the ER brings us.

Teladoc (TDOC)
So glad I reentered TDOC in January. Finally saw some movement, and the ER gave me confidence to keep holding it.

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