Nervous about SMAR

This article and the recent dip are making me a little reluctant to buy shares:…


Can you expand on what in the article makes you nervous. I found it informative of a tech company firing on all cylinders.

Not sure the info is correct on CEO Mark Mader. He has been the leader of Smartsheet since the very beginning. The first and only CEO of the company and he has no other day job.

President and CEO of Smartsheet is his only current work experience.

Many of our stocks have retraced a bit in last few weeks. Not uncommon. SMAR is nonetheless one the top performing stocks in the bunch YTD.



They paid $35M for acquisitions the author states. However, he doesn’t shed any light into whether those made sense and what impacts they may or may not have in the business.

We need to understand a lot more than the cost of those.

I did think the idea of comparing R&D growth to revenue was somewhat interesting, but I tend to look at each segment of operating expense growth along with the total for a gut check compared to revenues.

Otherwise, and I don’t follow Smartsheets closely, the article seemed a bit like click bait.

I’ve been meaning to take a closer look at the company.


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