NET CEO & Cramer on Athenian Project impact

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince and Jim Cramer discuss the impact of the Athenian Project on the campaigns and upcoming election.

It’s always newsworthy to hear anything about Cloudflare straight from the horse’s mouth, CEO Matthew Prince, this time on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show on 10/6/2020.

For me, most interesting and noteworthy was hearing the discussion about Cloudflare’s Athenian Project and its positive impacts on ongoing political campaigns and upcoming elections, something I was learning about for the first time and perhaps missed in the CMF_muji post “Cloudflare (NET) Deep Dive” back on 2/22/2020, when I thereafter took a starting position [… ] and the recent BroadwayDan post: The Cloudflare Story on 9/16/2020 [ ] and any other posts here.

Here’s the Cloudflare Athenian Project site.

Cramer: Is it possible to keep the election private and secure?

CEO Prince: This is a topic I care a lot about. Starting in 2016, when we saw a lot of other technology companies’ tools that were designed for good things were actually misused in order to influence the election, we realized that we had to do something about it. So, we launched in 2016, the Athenian Project which gives our services AT NO COSTS to local, state and Federal governments, needing to protect their election infrastructure. And, it’s been incredibly rewarding, to be able to talk with the state and local officials that are true patriots whether they are in blue states, or red states, or purple states. More than half of the U.S. states we now have. People who are using the Athenian Project in order to stay safe, we have an entire team which is assembled internally on call 24/7, 365, to be able to help these different security challenges that might be coming up in the weeks to come.

So far, we have been able to thwart a number of attacks, but we see everything is going very smoothly. Registrations are happening, and we’re doing everything we can to assure the election, which is coming up, will be free and fair and out in the open. Prevented, the cyber attacks will not be the leading story at the end of the day.

Cramer: You work for everybody.

CEO Prince: We provide services for both of the campaigns, and we’re not picking sides here at all. And we brief the campaigns and other government officials on what we are seeing in terms of cyber attacks. And we have seen cyber attacks that are targeting the campaigns. But, part of what we think is important is delivering our services as inexpensively or, in some cases, FREE, and so what we did is work for the Federal Elections Commission to make sure that we can give away our services away for free, while complying withe the election’s rules and campaign finance rules. And what they came back and decided was that cyber security was so important for the future of this country and for the future of democracy that they would let us and other great companies like Microsoft provide services to campaigns. And so, we have been doing that for a number of different campaigns, including both the Trump and Biden campaigns.

Here’s the above at YouTube.
Here’s the the entire Cloudfire interview, beginning at the 30:14 minute mark, that includes a discussion about Cloudflare analytics versus the competition.…

The Athenian Project, offering free security and performance for state and local election websites, is very smart strategic “good” PR pursued by corporate management under the astute leadership of CEO Prince. In this case, I mean the following: (a) “Good” PR is proactive in idea generation (Athenian Project), responsive in a crisis (cyber attacks on campaigns and elections), and finds the balance (prevents cyber attacks); (b) “Good” PR recognizes that the best “PR strategy” needs to follow-up with good services and measurable good performance; and (c) “Good” PR helps build and sustain a groundswell of brand support (attracts and retains users/customers and investors).

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