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I will be looking for more info about Appfleet synergy in the earnings call today. Seems like they are not about the best technology (FSLY) but the fact it is simple to use and affordable edge computing. Cloudflare seems to care about the right things. Certifications, ease, affordability, Making a better internet.

appfleet joins Cloudflare

Due to a great synergy between our products, I am happy to announce that Cloudflare and appfleet are joining forces!

When we started working on appfleet our goal was to build an infinitely scalable edge compute platform while still offering an affordable and simple to use service. We embarked on our journey completely bootstrapped, a team of three developers and a lot of freelancers.

A year later we released a production-ready edge compute system. I am very proud of the work we did. We took a complex technology and made it simple to use for everyone, while staying affordable and accessible even by the smallest users.

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