NET Customer Growth

note: after putting this together (it takes me way longer than it should :wink: I noticed that Saul just posted these numbers on another thread. Sorry for the repeat… but, I think these numbers are worth repeating…

Just wanted to highlight customer growth numbers from CC…

Quoting Thomas Seifert (CFO):

"In Q4 we had a record quarter of paying customer editions adding over 10,000 paying customers sequentially and over 27,000 paying customers year-over-year. We ended the quarter with 111,183 paying customers representing an increase of 32% year-over-year.

The acceleration in paying customer growth was primarily driven by increased new product adoption from free to paying customers. We ended the quarter with 828 large customers which we defined as paying customers with greater than a $100,000 in annualized revenue representing an increase of 57% year-over-year. We added 92 large customers sequentially and over 300 in 2020."

In another thread Saul referenced customer growth from a prior quarter from NET of 7000 new quarterly customers including 80 new enterprise customers (over $100,000). Those were stellar numbers as well. Great to see that both have increased even more in Q4.