New 52-Week Lows Hit Today by Following Stocks: $CRWD, $AMC, $TWLO, $DDOG, $ZS, $CVNA, and hundreds more

$CRWD daily, weekly, and monthly charts


Apes on Twitter quite upset that their “diamond hands will force a gamma squeeze” argument doesn’t appear to be working in the favor of committed longs:

$AMC daily, weekly, and monthly charts

“Diamond hands”? LMAO.

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$AMC is a weekly favorite of @BagholderQuotes on twitter and has been a Top Five supplier of the best quotes for the past 2-3 years. Since Musk has taken over, the comments from Apes has descended the low bar in crudeness.

Here’s one from 2021 which was indicative of the novices throwing bad money after good in $AMC.

Another one from 2021:

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$TWLO daily, weekly, and monthly charts

$DDOG daily, weekly, and monthly charts

(Note that $DDOG is currently trading at a 2.5-Year low after Friday’s fall.

$ZS daily, weekly, and monthly charts

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$CVNA daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Carvana not only hit a new 52-week low, but, it is now within pennies of an all-time low:

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Carvana’s non-GAAP (adjusted) loss per share of $2.67 was a massive decrease from the company’s loss of $0.38 in the year-ago quarter. It also was worse than analysts’ average estimate of a loss of $1.94 per share.

The company’s top line wasn’t much better. Carvana’s total revenue of $3.39 billion in the quarter missed Wall Street’s expectation of $3.7 billion and was down 3% from the year-ago quarter.

Making matters worse was the fact that the company’s retail units sold in the quarter declined 8% to 102,570 and its gross profit fell 31% to $359 million.

This particular analyst, Adam Jonas, was one of the biggest $CVNA pumpers on Twitter during the runup of its stock. If I remember correctly, he also kept his BUY rating every time he lowered his Price Target.

This is very noteworthy because Adam Jonas is also one of the three analysts who’ve been covering $TSLA for years, pumping it every time Musk came out with his latest distraction: 420 Funding Secured, battery swaps, solar tiles, semis, Robotaxis, Nueralink, Boring, Not A Flamethrower, A/I Day, Battery Day, Pedo Man, 54.20 Twitter Purchase, etc., Jonas has been on Musk’s side through thick and thin. And then something funny happened recently: Jonas still long on $TSLA, but, he’s reducing the price target.

Will $TSLA become the next $CVNA? Stay tuned. Analysts are beginning to perform due diligence on “story stocks” assigned the Zombie Unicorn labels. (Just surf the Cathie Woods etfs to find the best Zombies.)

The deteriorating used-car market and volatile interest-rate and funding environment “add material risk to the outlook,” Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas said in a note Friday after Carvana reported quarterly results that missed estimates. He pulled his $68 price target and said his new base case is that the company may be worth $1 to $40 a share.

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Oh man, this is so priceless. I’m learning there was once a Morgan Stanley analyst who was bearish on $CVNA with only a $23 price target. Then Morgan Stanley taps Jonas, the biggest pump analyst for $TSLA, to take on analyst duties for $CVNA.

I’ll supply some tweets here which tell the story. And looking over some of Jonas’ comments from just this year for $CVNA, and knowing how he has a Musk Crush (or maybe use to), it’s going to be most important to follow his future price targets on $TSLA.

Getting back to $CVNA. Check these comments:

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There are so many new 52-week lows I’m just going to list my scan results in table form. If you see a symbol you’d like charted, just let me know:

NYSE had 130 new 52-week Lows

. . . And here are the 219 Nasdaq names hitting 52-Week Lows last Friday


Love Stockcharts, nice work!