New BizJet Flies Supersonic

Bombardier launches ultra-long-range Global 8000 with supersonic test campaign…

Bombardier has given a supersonic start to the launch of its long-promised 8,000nm (14,800km)-range Global 8000 – flying a test aircraft beyond the speed of sound as part of its certification campaign.

In addition to the huge range, the new jet will have a maximum speed of Mach 0.94 and be capable of carrying 19 passengers. Service entry is scheduled for 2025.

Bombardier has already begun validating the modifications required using its FTV5 flying testbed operating from a site in the USA. And on 18 May 2021 – accompanied by a NASA-operated Boeing F-18 fighter – the aircraft was taken past the sound barrier to M1.015, becoming the fastest civil aircraft since Concorde and taking a crucial step towards validating the new standard.