New board format: large type

The new board format has very large type and a presumably intentional sparse layout of the page. But for skimming over posts on a board of interest, one wants to see a lot of topics/posts/replies all on one page e.g. as in the smaller type of the old format.
Lastly, although OT for the topic of this post, are ‘ignored’ users greyed out as they used to be, or are they silently removed from the feed?


Text size is configurable. The choices are Smallest, Smaller, Normal, Larger, Largest. I found mine set to Larger, which I suspect must be the default.

This is in your personal preferences under Interface. This URL has ***** where your handle (tedthedog) should be.*****/preferences/interface


Thanks, ‘smallest’ is better, ‘tiny’ would be better yet.

But isn’t half the screen real estate still wasted by a new feature:
if e.g. on the Berkshire board then below each post title is the new feature line “Stocks A to Z berkshire-hathaway”
Apparently this redundant line is there because ‘Stocks A to Z’ actually now allows you to post on multiple boards. But shouldn’t this new feature be embedded in the page where you are composing a post, isn’t it just cutting screen space in half when you’re simply skimming the titles of posts?

Also, why dedicate space next to the post title for a complicated color filled mass of icons of all who replied to the post, instead of just the icon of the OP? Some threads in the past ran to e.g. 50 or so replies, i guess those icons are of unique respondants to a post, but still, it seems distracting to see a blodge of colored stuff that competes with what you’re really interested in which is the title of the post.

Lastly, as I’m typing this and looking to the top line, I expected to see a ‘preview’ button, where is that?


The preview button is the >> at the bottom right corner of the posting box.

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I think this is a good idea because we all now live in Threaded mode. At a glance we see how many people are involved in the thread. With time we might even learn to recognize some of the avatars, giving us a clue about who is involved.

I am typing this in a box on the left side of the bottom of the browser window. To the right of that is a box showing my message with all formatting, as it will appear if posted. Above these two is a blue line that I can drag up and down to increase or decrease how much space is allocated to my new message. Above that is the message I am replying to. Together this works alright for me. I can’t remember just writing a new message looks like, so I don’t remember what the preview is like assuming there is one.

I couldn’t agree more vigorously. The greatest amount of information on a single page is the most informative and productive. It’s the way I’ve always taken notes—the most information right in front of my eyes as possible.