new food issue?

BR–ate his pancakes & bacon, finished his coffee, gradually finished his juice over an hour, took his after-meal meds no problem, took a few gummies
LU–played with his leftovers, took his meds, no gummies
DN–ate a couple of bites and then sat there looking sleepy. I fed him a few bites and then handed him a full spoon, which he ate. Repeat a few times till done. Brought him ice cream–no probs eating it on his own :wink:

I don’t mind feeding him at all–as long as I don’t have to cajole him into it, as long as he’s hungry and cooperative. I have recent experience from feeding my brother for months when he was in the hospital/rehab w/his arm amputation. I went 6 days/week at lunchtime. (huh…back then I could leave the hubster home alone and only brought him w/me once or twice a week). Not to mention feeding my grandson at age 6-18 months.

I know that, in the past, you have commented that your husband didn’t eat or finish his meal. Is there something different today? Perhaps today he just wasn’t very hungry. Her did eat his pancakes, bacon, he ended up finishing his dinner and then ate ice cream. It sure sounds like he had nutrition today so I wouldn’t worry about it. I did read that he had been sleepy and perhaps his routine is heading that way more and more.

I don’t think you can use one day as the marker for a food issue. What made you concerned that he has a food issue?


The only other times I can remember him rejecting a meal almost entirely are seizure days.

btw, when I say “pancakes and bacon” I don’t mean a young man’s tall stack slathered in butter and syrup with a lotta bacon, I mean 2, 2 1/2-3" keto pancakes & 1 slice of bacon.