New French Covid Variant…

New coronavirus variant identified in France
B.1.640.2 was discovered in a traveler returning from Cameroon and has a high number of mutations. And a first “flurona” case has been confirmed in Israel.

Just when we thought things were looking up at least a little, because the omicron variant, while being more contagious, often takes a milder course than delta, a new variant has emerged. We do not yet know how dangerous it is, or even where it originated.

The new variant was detected in early December in a traveler who returned to France from Cameroon, the hospital IHU Mediterrannee in Marseille announced. The returnee from Cameroon reportedly infected 12 people in southern France.

As long as the vaccination campaign isn’t advanced globally, new variants will continue to develop.
Which is why it is more important to push the vaccine to the undeveloped world rather than providing booster shots.
I did a web search on whether there is enough Covid vaccine. I found a bunch of articles published 11/10 months ago that officials including Dr Fauci that there was NOT enough vaccine to go around. I could not find any current article but perhaps have better search skills than mine.

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