New large customer for Samsara

Just got this in my inbox. I love these use cases, as they are key (in my mind) to understanding Samsara’s ($IOT) TAM and opportunity across sectors.

United Natural Foods, Inc. (NYSE: UNFI), the largest full-service grocery wholesaling partner in North America, chose Samsara to achieve new sustainability and safety progress. UNFI has adopted Samsara Vehicle Telematics, Asset Gateways, Environmental Monitors, and Video-Based Safety.

The majority of UNFI’s direct emissions are from its fleet, and by the end of its fiscal year 2030, the company has a goal to sharply reduce Scope 1 and 3 emissions from transportation. UNFI has developed an electric vehicle (EV) blueprint, covering multiple California distribution centers and fleets, to better understand where EVs can benefit its operations. It is also using technology, like Samsara Vehicle Telematics, to improve customer deliveries, and reduce fuel-wasting behaviors, like idling, in its existing internal combustion engine-powered trucks.

UNFI’s goal is to achieve zero waste to landfills from distribution centers by fiscal year 2030. The company transports about 41,000 pounds of food daily, and temperature control is critical for product freshness and safety. Each trailer has multiple temperature zones to accommodate the variety of products supplied to its customers on a single route. UNFI uses Samsara Environmental Monitors to ensure food safety and reduce waste from load loss. In addition to the sustainability benefits, these outcomes mean decreased costs for UNFI and a better experience for its customers who rely on UNFI’s products to nourish their communities.

“UNFI is taking incredible steps to improve North America’s food system, accelerate its sustainability efforts, and increase associate safety,” said Lara Caimi, President of Worldwide Field Operations at Samsara. “Every day, we see how transformative it is for large, complex organizations to use a single platform to manage and optimize their operations with Samsara. We can’t wait to see what UNFI and Samsara accomplish together."

Long Samsara (13.25%)


Not to a negative Nelly, but 41000 pounds of food is not much. A typical 48-foot trailer can carry about that much. If these are delivery trucks, I imagine a larger number of vehicles. I own IOT, and used to own a trucking company. I think the solution is great.

I wonder about the press release…30000 associates deliver 41000 pounds of food each day. 1.4 pounds of food delivered per associate. As UNFI includes such brands as Supervalue, I am thinking 41,000 tons. UNFI generates $27 Billion annually.


Thanks for your input. You’ve made sense out of nonsensical article.

I too was puzzled by the numbers. 41,000 pounds of food is certainly not much, as you noted. If that was indeed their volume, I couldn’t understand the need for Samsara’s services.

However, 41,000 tons makes a lot more sense.

Having members like you is what makes this board such a valuable resource. Name a Wall Street analyst that used to own a trucking company. There aren’t any. That’s why they could publish those numbers and nobody questioned it.