New malware installs in the UEFI and almost unstoppable

Google it. Theres a new malware that seems to be impossible to get rid of so far. You can buy it on the dark web for $5000. Windows 10/11 seems to be the main risk. I can’t find anything that says it will install on Apple products if you get everything from the Apple store. The best news is don’t install anything on your computer that comes from a source that is not reputable. I hope that all of you don’t install anything on your computer especially if a popup comes up and says this is the new windows security app or clean your slow computer or any of that stuff.

Anyways, the first thing I did is using the search box down in the lower left of my windows box, I typed in MRT and ran the malicious removal tool that windows provides. Then I did a comprehensive scan with my NOD32 antivirus from ESET. The articles I read say that if this bug gets on your box, you can have other bugs piggyback onto your computer. Mine was clean thank God. If you do the MRT let it do the slow clean that takes a long time. Keep your computers software up to date and that includes Windows.
Love you guys and google this, read about it because its seems to be a bad one…doc