New Platform Feedback - Actual Dates/Times

After using the new board views a bit, one aspect of the user interface that is not helpful is the shift to loose “relative” dates on posts showing them as 16m, 7h, 5d old, etc. When looking at commentary that might be tied to specific news that became public at a specific time, it is VASTLY more useful to have an exact timestamp such as 2022-09-26 09:49:59pm on the post.

Food for thought…



I’ve had the same reaction a few times…luckily, hovering over the relative time actually provides the real-time stamp so it’s there, just not too visible.


I haven’t even dreamed of trying to come here using my phone, but I wonder how to hover over on a touch screen.

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Excellent point - you can also click it and the real time shows up in the pop up, along with a link if you want to copy the post link for any reason…seriously, there are SO MANY things you can click on over here and do things, it’s scary.