New tires for the car

One of my tires kept losing air, and I thought to check how old they are. Swapped all four almost 10 years ago, which might be why I started seeing cracks in the sidewall. Well. Got four new tires put on, two of which went flat before I got home. Here’s a picture of the first:

Yes, that’s a 4 sided, trapezoid tire. I was in the fast lane on the interstate when an 18 wheeler came up beside me, and I suddenly began hearing this incredible clanking noise. I assumed it was the truck, but when it moved past me I realized it was um, me. And being rush hour and having to get across 4 lanes of high speed traffic (when nobody wanted to let me in) I drove on this sucker for probably a mile or more.

Side drama: AAA now requires you to ask for help by app, and the pin in the app put me on a side road, not the Interstate, so it took another 10 minutes to finally get to a human to get that corrected. In the meantime one of those government sponsored “emergency trucks” pulled up, changed the tire with the emergency spare*, and I was on my way. Whereupon 10 minutes later I realized another tire was going flat. Luckily this time I was right opposite an Exxon station, where for the low, low price of $2.50 I was able to put air in the tire and make it home. By the next morning a third tire had gone from the original 44psi to 36.

The place is fixing it all, claiming it was probably corrosion on the wheel (I live in Tennessee, they don’t get a lot of that “salt corrosion” here as is common up north.)

*Irony. The “emergency spare” has been sitting in my trunk since 1997, so I replaced 9+ year old tires with this 25 year old spare. Yeah, the emergency guy had to reflate it a bit, but I thought how odd that I’m now on a 25 year old tire, long since past the sell-by date.


Hi @Goofyhoofy,

So what brand of tire did you buy?

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