Nibbles End of Day on 4 etfs: $KOLD (inverse of $BOIL and started yesterday) $KIE, $EWW, and $XME

Been nibbling on some ETFs to the long side:

$KOLD - Inverse of $BOIL (Very dangerous to trade if you are not set up for daytrading with live 1,5,15, and 30 minute charts:

$KIE = Insurance ETF put a big downtrend reversal yesterday and faded hard. Same with today. Selling volume is below average:

$EWW = Mexico ETF. Keep in mind Mexico is now a favored NAFTA nation for manufacturing which becomes better by the year. $TSM to open a wafer factory down there, OEMs having EVs built there, and more. Punched a bearish hole in the up trendline today, but we’re still bullish on that 20 x 50 EMAs’ crossover from last October.

Note: one of the savviest perma-bears I follow, Jeremy Grantham, thinks we’ll have another fall in markets which could take us down another 25-50%. The only thing investible (other than certain bonds) are emerging markets where multi-nationals will be chasing labor: India, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Poland, etc.

$XME = Metals and Mining etf - certain rare earths and certain pms are on the rise. Not a lot. But there is life.


p.s. My first nibble on that $EWW was yesterday, end of day. That’s the Mexico etf. I had a theory it would go down hard today on some overnight news kicking around Twitter that said a study had found Mexico was the worst country on the planet to work as a journalist. I would not have even put them in the Top 5.

Well that Twitter rumor just printed today at 2:00 PM and it barely moved the needle on $EWW: