Nice to have you back, Mykie!

It must have been a heck of a hurricane!


It must have been a heck of a hurricane

Hurricane, anarchy, no: water for washing or flushing-electricity-gasoline-phones-fresh fruits or veggies…yeah, heck of a hurricane.

Still working out from under as I got a month behind on watching my investments. Simultaneously, my finace and I are preparing an attack on the USA immigration department for a finace visa. THis looks like the type of due diligent work I NEVER do on stocks so you can imagine how slow and arduous this task is.

And with the visa application we will have to move so toss that into the mix.

Just a few days ago, I had set a record for net assets in one of my portfolios (but down a bit now) so my position now is way less tense since for a month I did almost nothing but set a record.

But Mykie is back!..give or take.

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