Of course MF did a piece on Nio being a very cheap stock today at under $5 a share. ! was just talking to my wife about my thoughts on Nio when the article popped up. I have been contemplating buying several shares at this price all for the same reasons the Food article stated. I think they will be moving forward and becoming a major player electric cars sooner than later, Chens want 25% cars all electric by 2025. so who’s gonna make this happen? Nio yes1. Who is backed heavily by Tencent and biaubi,

Im close to buying what is a significant portion of the stock. Would like to hear some feedback why I should or shouldn’t. Do you own any? How much?



Hi Wezzly,

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Appreciate the response. None of links are going to anything. Page not found is only response. I want to make sure I follow the rules and learn more about this forum.

If you get the chance can you try to send them again? In the mean time i’ll try to find what I can referring to this forum. Im new to Motley fool and the forum.



Nevermind. I have read the announcements page, all of them!! very good stuff. guess my NIO post can be disregarded as its not fitting. Sauls portfolio posted on here? ? What a great read, he put some time into this. Saul if you see this great work!! What great help.

?Some interesting ways to look into stocks from just the normal approaches .

Looking into Nio might not look so hot now. especially for Saul has he won’t touch Chinese company, and its even backed by baidu and Tencent

Thanks Wes


Whilst I would echo the advice to do the pre reading and to summaries an investment analysis thesis with an in depth approach, I would also share this.

  1. Whist Saul wont touch Chinese stocks several folks on this board are prepared to in a Saul approach manner.

  2. I’m based in Singapore and when investors hear that I’m into growth/tech stocks and I’m holding Chinese stocks - I get asked whether I hold or an interested in holding x,y,z.

In the last 6-12 months, NIO has become one of the TOP 3 Chinese stocks that I get asked about first.

Saul methods could be applied to certain Chinese stocks and some folks are interested and prepared to do so.

I don’t raise it on this board given the China sentiment here but it doesn’t stop me applying Saul like methods and investing in China and you shouldn’t be discouraged from your opinions and practices in this regard whilst still respecting and contributing to the board.



Good points. Appreciate your feedback