North Carolina Homeowner's Insurance 42% avg hike, 99% for coastal counties

That’s like a second mortgage payment.



So the insurance companies’ union is asking the state management for an increase.
The rate increases have to be approved by the state Department of Insurance.
Last time (2020) they asked for 24.5% and got 7.9%.
I doubt if they will get the full amount this time either. It’s simple union negotiation tactics.
But sure, coastal areas are high-risk for insurance companies.

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Not any longer. The insurers may want to be entirely out of those regions of NC. If NC in those regions wants insurance carriers they better not call this bluff.

It is not a union.

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REality (see what i did there?) is finally starting to bite, and I am extremely relieved that maybe only Florida is now doomed to catastrophic construction of doomed assets dooming their owners, and an idiotic state bankruptcy dragging all down with them, including citizens far more prudent and sufficiently far from the coast to avoid moisture if not governmental quasi-collapse.

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